Sunday, September 26, 2021


What Is Tether (USDT)?

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency issued by Tether Limited, a company controlled by the owners of Bitfinex. Tether is considered a stablecoin and even...

WTF is a Demand-Side Platform?

The Rise of Crypto Gambling


Own Production of Vaccines in Ukraine is Real – Dmytro Shymkiv

In opinion of Dmytro Shymkiv, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Darnitsa Group, it is possible to start own production of vaccines...

Leading in an Age of Disruption


Data Protection: Lightening the Load of Compliance

Interview with the DPO Centre CEO and Founder Rob Masson Does compliance with the data protection regulations have to represent a huge and costly burden...

Leading in an Age of Disruption


5 Security Tips For Internal Documents

Business information is critical, which demands the security of every data. Cybersecurity is a threat that targets business data. Your internal digital business documents...

MVP: Main Purpose and Examples


Times Square: Prime Real Estate for Outdoor Advertisers

Times Square has around 300,000 visitors a day, and around a million on New Year’s Eve each year. This makes Times Square one of...

Gender Pay Gap Extends to Pensions, Research Reveals

Much has been made about the gender pay gap, with efforts to bring incomes between men and women more in line. While those in work...

ZeroBounce COO Brian Minick on Getting Better at Email Marketing

Few can doubt the power of email after a year like 2020. It went from being an essential communication tool to the primary channel...